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Hello, I’m Olaoluwa Oyedokun, a Product Designer who works on Human-Computer Interaction. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from The Federal University of Technology, Akure, and a Master’s degree in Creative Technology from Illinois State University, USA. I am interested in building virtual worlds and leveraging existing ones, primarily towards the goals of understanding how virtual worlds influence people, and developing best practices for developing games and learning environments. Broadly, I am interested in games research and HCI.

I am passionate and focused on creating meaningful experiences through user experience design and design thinking. (Wireframing, prototyping, Information Architecture, A/B Testing) Design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Indesign, Unity for Virtual Reality and games). I have 6 years’ experience creating and managing brands, developing strategic packaging, and designing and building critical user interfaces for both B2B and consumer-facing brands.



In a bid to give back to the community, I offer my time talking to newcomers in the industry about working in tech and design, and provide resources for designers.

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Endorsements from people I have worked closely with, including Product Managers, fellow Designers, Engineers and colleagues from other disciplines.

Arafat Manliki,
Manager, MTN Nigeria

“Upon joining the team, Olaolulwa hit the ground running full steam ahead. He has successfully embedded himself within the various disciplines across the division. In each instance, he has shown himself to be an immensely talented designer, problem solver and deeply committed contributor to the team at large.

In addition to the impressive results on each project, he has contributed greatly to the larger design group. He is continuously willing to share his insights towards new creative or prototyping platforms and has become a go-to resource for his team.

The above paired with his positive outlook on experience design have been core to earn the respect and admiration of all of his peers both within the design team and across the other disciplines. In his short tenure, he has already made significant contribution to MTN design and is a joy to have on the team.”

Funsho Finnih,
General Manager, MTN Nigeria

“Olaoluwa is a creative wizard, and brings a very fresh perspective to all our design needs. He has a thorough understanding of UI/UX principles, a very inquisitive mind and is quick to brainstorm solutions. Olaoluwa is a team player and has a positive impact on team morale. While taking the initiative on much of our product design, Olaoluwa works closely with developers and is able to effectively communicate information with them. In summary, Olaoluwa is a top-rank UI/UX designer and a true asset for our company.

Sunny Mohammed,
Creative Director, DDB Lagos

“I have one word for Olaoluwa: GENIUS!! He is truly a design genius. I have worked on several projects with him and even before I finish describing the use cases, business value or requirements, his design wheels have started churning and processing great ideas! The end result are exceptional! Olaoluwa is extremely diligent and hard-working.

He is very passionate about design and at the same time, extra-ordinarily talented at what he does. Not only is he great at his work, he maintains exceptionally good work ethics. He is open to criticism and flexible in terms of making changes that fulfill the needs of the client. Olaoluwa is also a perfectionist! He will complete that job and no part of his design will be below the mark; every little detail is perfected! I have worked with other designers too, and Olaoluwa is definitely a guru of them all!!

Sungkajun Annie ,
Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

“Olaoluwa is a different breed. His untiring ability to learn and also amazing creative skills make him an amazing UX designer. And he is an Amazing Teaching Assistant

Famojuro David,
Business Director, PlayHouse

“Olaoluwa is a fast learner and a very talented UI designer. A silent worker, he respects the design process and takes time to question ideas before committing to decisions. Never shy of hard work, his willingness to pitch in and help out teammates in the face of tough deadlines makes him a great team player. With his background in engineering and his passion for design , Olaoluwa understands the delicate balance between both UI and UX design. He has tremendous potential and I see him excelling in his work wherever he is.

Oyinda Fakile,
Group Head, STB McCann

“Olaoluwa, is a very thought provoking designer with an eye for the user experience. He is innovative in how he works with clients and can help them see and understand the design and functionality. We had a great time working with Olaoluwa and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great UI/UX designer.


Learning, like Design is never complete. Here are some of the books that have inspired me and helped me shape my thinking as a designer.

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”