Internet Data Calculator

Problem Statement
There has been a high increase in smartphone users since the advent of low-cost smartphone development. These have brought about the increase of different internet service providers in the country.
The challenge of different users is that they think that the rate at which their mobile data is consumed while surfing the internet is too drastic and they are not getting services for the money spent.


Design + Execution





Although there are inbuilt Data Traffic Management tools in some devices. Notwithstanding this tool doesn’t show the analytical breakdown of each application’s data usage and calculate the time sent on the internet browsing equating it to the estimated data usage. 

An example of a Data Traffic Management tool below.

To tackle this issue, we create an Internet Data Calculator which is an online platform that helps users calculate how much data is consumed in using a particular application at a specific time. 

The user journey to the Data Calculator page on the website can be achieved in 2 ways. Either the user goes directly from the homepage or uses the search engine. The page is SEO optimised, therefore the link is always the first or second on the search result. 
These 2 paths were created to give users the option of not consuming their data while trying to calculate the data they consume on the internet.

The sketch below involves the planning stage of the page layout for the Data Calculator page.

Final Result

The final result yielded an increase of 65% of fewer calls to customer care centres, demanding to know how their newly purchased data is exhausted within the shortest possible time frame.

The link below leads to the final website. 

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