Social Run (Game Design)

The advent of social media has brought about different behavioural patterns in users.  When people post online they usually expect likes on their post, these emojis buttons are on different sides, ( i.e. angry, love and like) those are the buttons put into consideration for these game designs. 


Design + Execution





Below is the link to the screen recording video to show the gameplay.

Game Scene
The game environment is designed to fit into the present-day environment and has characters on the sidewalk pressing phones which is what happens in this generation. 

Character Design
The character design is dressed to simulate this current era and drawn to look cartoon-like so as to attract a lot of players from different age ranges.

These are the social credits that the players will be chasing after. The players will have to dodge the angry emoticon to avoid the health bar from reducing, which is similar to the reactions of people when they see the angry emoji on post that they cherish. This has led the likes of youtube from publishing the unlike numbers on each video on their page. For each player to regain the health bar that was lost due to contact with angry emoji they will have to chase a higher number of likes and love emoji.

Internet trolls can be defined as a person who posts derogatory, insincere, extraneous messages in an online community, with the notion to aggravate readers into displaying emotional response. This set of people was introduced into the game because they are those that spit people online. In this game their character is similar, the troll keeps throwing objects at the character to reduce its health bar. Trolls in the same way do say hurtful words online.

Game Play
This game is controlled by WASD keys on the keyboard. Also, this game is also to show the down effects of internet trolling and also educate about it. 

The game is available on the platforms labelled below. 

Download and Enjoy it

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